Kamis, 17 Juli 2014

My Old Friends

After a long time we never meet each other, this time we can just talking each other. Even though we are not meet but we all know that we can laugh and smile like at the past. Maybe we can't seen each other laugh and smile, but we all believe that we laugh and smile this time. All of you must know that I'm very happy that we can talking like this. Remembering what things happen at the past, about how naughty we are, sometime how we fight each other or how we fight for our class. It's take me back to the past, I still can feel how it was feel, how we laugh, smile, crying, and even we teasing each other. We have been together for a long time and also we have been separated for a long time.
Hope we always be friends forever and keep in touch even though the distance so far and even when we are not young anymore.

With my old friends, full of happiness. :)

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