Minggu, 16 November 2014

Peace with Myself

When I have an turbulent feeling, I know that I starting to miss you. From earth to heaven.

I have thinking something and now I decide to change my own perspective about how I reach my goal. I think to reach the goal we must know about how strong we are and what our weakness so we can make good strategy to achieve that goal. Sometime or maybe usually we always make an high hope for our self to make that goal happen and we always afraid that we can't make that hope come true. And when that happen, we starting to avoid the fact that our strategy may wrong or we starting to give up because of high pressure that created by our self. So what we must do?
Stop to afraid and stop to make high hope, just let it flow and try our best. Don't thinking about we can't make that goal, as long as we try our best, whatever the result, we will not have a regret in the end because we already give the best that we can.
Lets do our best.

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