Sabtu, 01 November 2014

Pain But Fun

Ok lets talk about feeling that sometime it feel very hurt but it still fun. Even we know that feeling can make us have pain but we still wanna feel that feeling. Even our logic say "Don't do stupid things" but we can't avoid to do stupid things.
I feel that feeling know. Even I know that don't have chance but I still wanna fighting for that feeling. Even I feel pain everyday but don't know how, I still can happy because of that feeling.
Thats life right? We can't have everything we want. So I just try to be strong and keep walking because I know that time will not waiting for me, time will always running. Maybe its not me that have a job to cure your pain or stay beside you to walking in the same way. Or maybe we are not walking in the same way.
So, I just hope you will meet a good guys and have an happy life. But you must know, if you have something that you wanna share with me, I still here. I mean, even not physically, I still here.

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