Rabu, 01 Oktober 2014

To The Women that I Love So Much And That Always Take Care of Me

Dear mom, how are you? Long time no see. I guess, I never say a good things when you still in this world. When I open my mouth, we always fight each other, debate for our idea or what things that we don't agree. If I think back, I don't have much time to just say "I Love You" to you. When you sick, I never give you attention enough. When you have problem, I never try to make you stay strong to face it all of your problem. Did I'm not good son? I guess it absolutely right. But why you still worried at me when I never come home for a long time because of my busy to study and work? Why you still crying for me? Even I always hurting you, never care about you, never be a good son for you, you still worried about me, still thinking about me, everything about me, your son. Or maybe I can say, your bad son.

And now, I still a bad son, but I'm starting missing you often. The way we fighting each other, the way we smiling, laughing, even not much of good moment that we have, I want to that moment back again. But I know, that moment, that time, will not coming back. So I decide to go forward, with all my dream that I was telling you. Sometime I want to tell you what I have done and wanna know what do you think about it. But I can't do that and I know that I must become strong. I remember that I make promised to you, and I will try to make that promised happen. Just stay with me.

I wanna know what are you doing above there, is there beautiful? Are you happy in there?
I know that I will go there later, and see you again. But just wait me in there, maybe you will wait for a long time because my time to go there is still too long. Don't worried too much about me, about our family, we are fine here. Just watching us from there.
Btw now is my month, I have grow older. I'm not young anymore. LOL


Your Bad Son

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