Rabu, 28 Januari 2015

Change tears into smile

There's a book that inspired me now. The book title is Montase, written by Windry Ramadhina. The main character name is Rayi and he falling in love with japanese girl, Haru. Everything going good until he knows that Haru have leukimia and she have not much time in this world. He try his best to make that girl happy. But that girl left him after all. He got depressed.
After 3 years Haru's dead, Rayi has a letter from Tokyo, Haru is from Tokyo. He think that there's a chance that Haru still alive. But he wrong. After he arrived at Haru's home, he meet Haru's parents. He got letter and video from Haru that it written and recorded before she died. Haru says, "When your tears has been changed into smile,come back to visit me again and we can see cherry blossoms together".

I think I must do like what Haru says, for my guardian that already go to the heaven. I must keep walking, keep smiling, keep strong and face every difficult. Life must go on.

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