Kamis, 08 Januari 2015

Find My Passion

I just think back, yes I always think back for many time, and sometime I just doubt about what my dream.
Can I realize that?
Did I have enough power to fight?
Can I reach my dream in the end? And many more.
I always think all that stuff everytime everyday. It's make me afraid to step up and sometime make my spirit down. But I always can raised my self and get my spirit back. But when I wanna starting, that pessimistic feeling come again. It always come everytime I starting. Sometime I think that I don't have enough motive to make my self go forward. It's embarrassed to know it all, to know all my weakness and I still can't do something about that. Don't know how to solved that things, don't know what must I do.
My friend said that nothing impossible, there's nothing late, you just need to try more harder and praying.
I must try it, as soon as possible.

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